Zorba the Buddha

Sukkot 2017

Diving into life

Zorba the Buddha - the meditator who also savors life; the whole man who dares to touch his own soul and look inward with full awareness, while at the same time rejoicing in Existence in all its splendor. Here in the Ashram we’ve made a festival out of it!

During this Zorba festival we will dive deep into the dimension of infinite possibilities through workshops, live music shows, ecstatic dance, unique people, open-hearted encounters, endless desert landscapes, and the courage of each and every one of you – to open up, to say yes to life and to immerse ourselves fully in this experience called Zorba the Buddha Festival.
The next Zorba the Buddha festival will revolve around the water element, and we invite you to join us in a journey of diving into the depths of the soul, the oceans of existence.
In this diving into life, we invite you to meet yourself from up close, to look yourself in the eye, and just accept whatever comes up to the surface, all of you, as you are.

Water teaches us to relax our grip and let go, to flow and surrender to whatever Existence is showing us. The simple wisdom of water invites us to learn to surrender and trust. In order to float, we must let go and allow the water to carry us.
When we surrender to whatever comes and goes, all that is left for us is to celebrate what is, and submit to it with totality.

What other choice do we have but to go with the flow, meet others on our path, explore and discover all that life has to offer?
To laugh freely, to cry wholeheartedly, to sing loudly, to dance both like a storm and serene waters.
To dissolve into love.

To let the water wash over

And carry

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

Prepare to dive in and surrender into all that Existence has to offer