Dear workshop facilitators,
Welcome to the family of Zorba the Buddha festival!

Zorba the Buddha Festival

✧Back to the source✧

The concept comes from the heart of the ashram and its being right now. Back to ourselves, back to breath, back to the original essence.
Inspiration and creativity continue to flow and fill our hearts!

The root of the collaborative inquiry and together resonate with us; Our openness, healing, honesty, stability and balance accompany our   creation of this Zorba festival.

A second before you observe and feel what lessons are want to come through you this festival, we invite you to gather for a moment, and feel what this topic makes you feel?
What sensation does it produce in the body? What is the source? Back to myself? Back to nature?
What was there before identification? Identifying myself, identifying with my belief system? Is there a way to strip frm it? And is this the way to find our internal earth and return to the source?

We invite you, meditate, dream, stare, treat yourself to self-inquiry and then come back to us as creative and honest as ever ..
What qualities would you like to bring with you to guide and create space; What workshops would you like to offer? What new ideas raises in you?
Creativity is an important part of the journey, we love to flow with you on new ideas that have yet to be seen at the Zorba Buddha Festival. Surprise all!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:**:・゚✧*:・゚✧✧・゚: *✧・゚:**:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚✧

So… how does it actually work?

♦ The facilitators receive a ticket to the festival (for personal use only), food vouchers (for the days when you lead work shops) and other treats. Your helpers that receive a ticket to the festival will NOT receive food vouchers. Sleeping is on the camping areas, the camping equipment is your responsibility.
♦ Workshop length is approximately an hour and a half – two hours, including the gathering, explanation, questions and closing comments.
♦ The workshop spaces have an amplified sound system, a cable that connects to phones and computers and a microphone. A facilitator that will arrive with a disk-on-key or a CD won't be able to play his music.
♦ Every workshops space has an assigned helper that is there to help you with the sound system and any other things you may need.
♦ We cannot promise you that you will be accepted in the lineup. We also cannot promise that all special requests will be accepted. We'll do all we can, thank you for understanding. After we finish the lineup we will give you an answer if you got in or not.