Dear workshop facilitators,
Welcome to the family of Zorba the Buddha festival!

Zorba the Buddha Festival
✧Adventure in Being✧

Adventure really has nothing to do with plans and maps and programs and organization. An adventure is a quality that can come to us anywhere – at home, or in the office, in the wilderness or in the city, in a creative project or in our relationships with others.
Whenever we move into the new and unknown with the trusting spirit of a child, innocent and open and vulnerable, even the smallest things of life can become the greatest adventures. We must know with every step we take, that everything really does work out in perfect Divine Order, even if it is not what we had in mind.
Life is an adventure, a moment by moment experience to be seen and heard and felt and tasted with every cell of our being.Embrace your adventure. Know that even though nothing seems certain, that everything will turn out exactly as it must in order for you to grow.
There will be ups and downs. There will be pleasure and pain. There will be numbness and searing reality. These are all gifts of the physical realm.

We invite you to look inward and observe, feel, what lessons ask to come through you, what qualities do you wish to bring with you? What workshops would you like to offer? What new ideas raises in you?
We would love to fly with you on new ideas that haven't been experienced yet in the Zorba festival. Surprise us!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:**:・゚✧*:・゚✧✧・゚: *✧・゚:**:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚✧

So… how does it actually work?

♦ The facilitators receive a ticket to the festival (for personal use only), food vouchers (for the days when you lead work shops) and other treats. Your helpers that receive a ticket to the festival will NOT receive food vouchers. Sleeping is on the camping areas, the camping equipment is your responsibility.
♦ Workshop length is approximately an hour and a half – two hours, including the gathering, explanation, questions and closing comments.
♦ The workshop spaces have an amplified sound system, a cable that connects to phones and computers and a microphone. A facilitator that will arrive with a disk-on-key or a CD won't be able to play his music.
♦ Every workshops space has an assigned helper that is there to help you with the sound system and any other things you may need.
♦ We cannot promise you that you will be accepted in the lineup. We also cannot promise that all special requests will be accepted. We'll do all we can, thank you for understanding. After we finish the lineup we will give you an answer if you got in or not.