Zorba the Buddha, How come?

The term was coined by Osho, who was an Indian master. Desert Ashram
(the place that creates this festival that you are currently considering whether to go to) is based on his path and teachings .
We, his students (Sannyas), those with strange names, practice and teach his meditations and his medicinal methods.
Meditations like Dynamic, No-Dimensions, Chakra Sounds, No-Mind and many others are active meditations that Osho designed especially for the Western Participants who finds it hard to sit in traditional meditation.
Osho make sure to bring the liveliness , the celebration and the laughter into his meditations in order to quiet the mind, so that the Western man could achieve full relaxation, a sense of perfection and fullness in all aspects of life.
Osho was the first teacher in the spiritual world who dared to take meditation out of the closet of asceticism and monasticism. he was considered controversial and was often criticized.
He believed that modern man is the new man.
e understood that the Western world was stack deep in admiring the material and that the Eastern world was lost in the spiritual world. The combination of the two and the true balance will bring the practitioner into a deep work, into the core of the desired Nirvana. In his lectures and any clip that you find on YouTube you can feel, between the words and between the ideas, the consciousness, the gentleness and the humor that he attributes to every subject and topic that is raised by his students and interviewers.
Zorba represents the hedonism , materialist, earthy, drinking and dancing.
The Buddha represents the spiritual world ,meditative, silent, static, observing without any active intervention
These two extreme points are missing the true essence of life. The right balance between the Zorba and the Buddha will bring the happiness
and Osho has proved it countless amounts of times. The alchemy of the Integration is magical, you create yourself each time as new and bring the freedom to live life to the fullest.
This festival will bring you together with these two worlds and with many other worlds.
We created for you a great union, eclectic and rich, Osho's active meditations alongside traditional meditations and breathing exercises
yoga alongside belly dancing, theater and playback workshops alongside crazy dancing until sunrise,
deep therapy along with rare encounters with the old and the new Zorba the Buddha tribe.
The full name of the festival is "Zorba Buddha" represents the whole person.
The one who knows how to play the game of life and combine well between the hedonistic and earthly Zorba and the meditative and spiritual Buddha.
Zorba Buddha reminds us that life does not have to be too serious, and that our journey is actually a flowing game full of adventures.
The varied space of possibilities will prepare the ground for you to create a new reality, out of your own world, which you are invited to take with you to the next level and raise it to the eyes of the entire world. This is exactly what Osho means when he uses the word meditation - "delight in your own existence."
The concerts, the parties and the arak in combination with deep workshops and awareness are the Sannyasins secrets of a happy life. There is also mediations that you can "go crazy" with full awareness that were created for you. This combination is the secret, and you are invited to find, invent and discover it and yourself, this is all the secrets, magical and sweet.
Previous festival participants report a significant improvement in mood, health and communication ability in daily life. Yes, the festival creates a change in its playful and fun way.