• Do not bring animals or dogs to the Ashram
  • Do not bring any type of weapons
  • Do not bring or use any type of illegal drugs
  • Do not bring meat or fish, including tuna. We are a vegetarian space.
  • Gas stoves are prohibited.
  • Any types of fires, including camp fires, candles, and hookah, are prohibited
  • Desert Ashram respects all religions. At the same time, we cannot cling to any "menu" of one religion or another. We serve our guests rich and healthy vegetarian food but our cuisine is not kosher.
  • Glass bottles are prohibited
  • Let's keep the Ashram and the desert clean!
    Please don't leave garbage after you, and don't throw anything on the ground that doesn't belong to the ground.
  • Recycle - There are special bins for plastic / glass bottles and cans, please help us separate garbage.
  • We serve most of the food in regular plates and try to minimize on single-use plates and cutlery. Please wash your dishes when you finish eating, we care for the environment and we want to reduce the use of single-use dishes as much as possible.
  • Respect and smile those around you, this place centers on a variety of types, shapes and colors of people.
  • Tents - We have provided you with lots of camping complexes with shade nets- please set up camp in the designated places.
  • The Ashram team works all year round the clock to create a safe, contained, pleasant and beautiful space, please obey the staff instructions.

Love the Ashram Desert team