The most fun in the world of children

▲ Festival will work Children's World Every day from 8:00 to 20:00
Camping Families In a corner away from all the noise and bustle but still a short walk from the heart of the festival
The theater show over the mountains Winner of three prizes at the 2017 Haifa Children's Theater Festival.

Circus action, traveling circus Various circus workshops guided by experienced circus artists and instructors
▲ Podcourt with a variety of delicacies for all children
▲ and endless surprises and adventures

The children's world will be active from the opening of the festival to the end, and will allow the children among us to enjoy great workshops while parents are invited to take a break in the nearby Chai Shop or even to go to the workshops themselves!

The stunning lineup so you can get excited right now

Journey beyond the mountains.

Elad Theater Local brings us

Winner of the Haifa Festival for Children's Performance for the 2017 Ensemble Award, the Costume Award and a prize for directing.

Journey to the magical world of ancient legends and fables from the Zen world of Tao, Judaism and Buddhism. Stories with a deep, multi-layered wisdom that touches upon the essence of life: transience, selfishness, giving, compassion, fate, fear and courage.  

A sweeping celebration of live music and imagination for the whole family.

The wandering circus reaches Zorba

Alongside shows Circassian action Offering varied circus workshops

Guided by experienced circus artists and instructors:

Juggling, acrobatics, acrobatics and more.

We invite the audience to experience the art of the circus:

To balance and focus, to deal with fear and to contain failure,

Set goals and persevere - while playing lightheartedly in a flattering atmosphere.