Site's Policy

We welcome you to join our existing members of the "Ashram Bamidbar" site with the aim of improving the lives of the members of the site
To inform you of festivals and events held at the site, while maintaining maximum privacy at your discretion and desire.
Since we strive to improve the site according to the requirements of our members, we would be happy to receive your comments and comments.
If, for any reason, you are forced to change any of the terms of the agreement, we will notify you through the e-mail address you are giving us, and not receiving a response and / or disagreement about the change constitutes your agreement to the change.
For the purpose of calling and receiving service from the site, we ask you to read carefully the site's regulations.

Ashram in the Desert
You are kindly requested to read carefully the contents of the Site Rules which constitute the terms of the agreement between you and us and is addressed to both men and women.
If you do not agree to the terms of the agreement, we ask that you do not use the site or subscribe to the site.
If you subscribe to the Site and / or otherwise use the Service provided on the Site, you confirm that you agree to all the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use and will be bound by you in connection with the use of the service provided on the Site.

A. The applicant must register to fill in the details required in the details form.
B. Membership on the Site is unlimited unless you notify us not to renew it by sending a clear message stating your details to [email protected]
third. A member who joins the site will be able to use it without any financial charge.
D. Office of Desert Ashram.

How to collect a welcome card
A. Tickets booked through the website or phone will be collected by the customer at the entrance to the event at the Vulkam Center (it is clarified that no tickets will be sent by mail).
B. Tickets can be collected at any time in the complex.
third. In order to receive tickets that have been ordered on the website or by phone, the card collection must present the same credit card upon receipt of the cards with the photo ID.
D. No late discount or any other benefit will be given to the latecomers.
God. Can not replace an ordered card. Replacing a card cancels an order and opens a new order.
and. Any cancellation of an order for any reason "see cancellation policies".

A. Payment is made using credit card details delivered on the website or by phone. In one charge or credit as requested.
B. After the card is ordered or when the card is collected, the payment method can not be changed.

Cancelling a transaction
According to the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transaction) Regulations, 5770-2010
The period in which a transaction can be canceled is 14 days from the date of its execution, provided that the cancellation is done less than 7 days prior to the commencement date of the service.
In the period during which a transaction can be canceled, the cancellation will be charged a cancellation fee of 5% of the value of the transaction but not more than 100 NIS
In the period after 14 days from the date of execution of the transaction or in the 7 days prior to the commencement of the service, it can not be canceled at all.

Ashram Bamidbar is committed to preserving the privacy rules as much as possible while maintaining confidentiality of your personal information. However, in using the services of the site you confirm that it is known and clear to you that it is not always possible to ensure full assurance of the confidentiality and / or privacy of the information you transmit through the Internet and your e-mail, That we have no control over the information you transmit to others, even if they are members of the site, and therefore you confirm and agree that we are not responsible in any way for the use and dissemination of information provided by you.
We ask you to carefully check the information that you transmit to others so as not to cause you unnecessary damage.
In addition, we are not responsible for the content of the information and messages provided by you and / or by the various members of the site. We are unable to verify the contents of the information and notices and we have no responsibility for this, so we suggest that you carefully review any information and notice that you are aware of before using it.
You are warned that you may not use the services of the site for any illegal purpose and / or harm any feelings of any public, trademark infringement and / or any right and we have sole discretion to use the site and user name and / or nickname.
If you use the Site Services for an illegal purpose, we may terminate your use of the Ashram Desert site.

Rules of use of the site
You hereby undertake to use the Site in accordance with the provisions set forth in these Regulations, including as follows:
A. Not use the Site Services for an illegal purpose and / or attempt to deceive others.
B. Not to use the Site's services to infringe the privacy and / or any other right of any person and / or entity and / or any third party.
third. Not to use the services of the site for harassment and / or defamation and / or slander and / or racism and / or in any other harmful manner.
D. Do not use the site for the distribution of pornography and / or images and / or recordings and / or any other manner.
God. Not copy and / or use and / or infringe the rights including copyright and / or promotions and / or other proprietary rights.
and. Do not use the site for promotional purposes and / or distribution and / or publication of various products and / or services.
G. Do not use the site's services for raising funds and / or donations.
H. Not to publish information and / or information about others on the site.
ninth. Do not use the site's services to distribute "viruses" and / or anything else that may cause damage to the site.

In the event that we publish various publications, including recommendations, we hereby clarify that any such publication and / or recommendation and / or response to the question do not constitute professional recommendation and / or advice and should not be relied upon and acted upon by any user and / According to which he does so at his sole risk.
By joining the site, we hereby give your consent to send us from time to time, you and / or anyone on your behalf, advertising material and / or promotions and / or announcements regarding various shows and / or events and / or promotions. We are aware that if we decide that we are not interested in receiving the above, we will have to inform you explicitly and receive an answer from you that our notice has been received and so long as you do not do so, you and / or anyone on your behalf continue to send us the above.

Any notice and / or change and / or interest we wish to bring to your attention will be sent to you through the e-mail address you provided us or by posting on the site. If we notify you of any change in the terms of the agreement with us, failure to receive an answer and / or disagreement about the change will be deemed to be acceptable to you.

The information we provide in providing the services of the Desert Ashram site includes information of us and / or anyone on our behalf and / or associated with us. You hereby declare that you do not and will not have any rights of any kind and kind in relation to this information and you agree to this and undertake that you may not copy and / or distribute any such information unless you have received in advance and in writing the consent and authority of such person.
You confirm that you are aware that if you violate the provisions of this section you may be sued by the rights holders and any damage caused will apply to you only.

Responsibility for compensation and indemnity
We attempt to ensure that the Site's services are current and uninterrupted and will be in accordance with the terms of the agreement as stated in this Agreement. However, despite the above, there may be disruptions and / or errors and / or delays and / or disturbances due to reasonable reasons for providing the service and / or defective information as opposed to what is stated in this agreement, etc.
You hereby confirm that the contents of this section have been brought to your attention and that you know that we have no "hermetic" option to block all the hazards, but in such case you confirm that you and / or anyone on your behalf will have no claim of any kind whatsoever.
You also know and agree that we are not responsible if any of the events or events posted on the Site are canceled.

Law and jurisdiction
You agree that the law in force in relation to this Agreement is the law in force in the State of Israel and that the sole jurisdiction in respect of this Agreement shall be exclusive to the competent court within the jurisdiction of the City of Tel Aviv only