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Shows At Zorba Spring 2020

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Shazamat - Hip Hop Live Composition - A mix of rap with a live band

2 rappers and five musicians who come to pay homage to the written word and music that move your body and make your head work, in every possible sense! Conveying a unique perspective in each song - make people think and listen as they dance and go crazy!

Emphasizing the show and theatricality in the show, the goal is to give the audience the feeling that they are watching a play and a story where all seven members of the ensemble are involved in every change within the song and create an atmosphere of great, strong, crew on stage. 

[/vc_hoverbox][vc_empty_space][vc_hoverbox image="90754" primary_title="Arikara" primary_title_font_container="font_size:50|color:%23ffffff" primary_title_use_theme_fonts="yes" hover_title="Arikara" hover_btn_title="Arikara" hover_btn_color="black" use_custom_fonts_primary_title="true" hover_add_button="true" hover_btn_link="url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fmay.topaz%2Fvideos%2F10157718736162210%2FUzpfSTEzNzkwMTg3MjkxOTA5MDozNDkyNTMzMDE3NDU1OTQy%2F%3F__tn__%3D%252Cd%252CP-R%26eid%3DARDiodLe5GPa3DrnPOOmrEW77iL7T6LPLhxyUEPrsZzs8Ct-fANNF12pnaCwLNwfViyJ-ZQZEN1pGxUp||target:%20_blank|" primary_title_link="|||"]

Where Earth meets the Astral ~When the organic kisses the electronic ~When old tribal drags us into the future

Arikara It is a project that combines 2 wild women who seek to connect inwardly to the self and outwardly to the cosmic.One connects us to the ancient, earthy frequencies through the wonderful Didgeridoo And the second concerns the high frequencies, astral, through the electronic sounds. Together they create a whole and witch experience, a powerful blessing, yin and yang, caress and kick

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The Hebrew rock 'n' roll of the '60s and' 70s, is alive and well in 2000's bitniks
A world of guitars and rhythm, love and humor.

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In the new project, Yossi introduces Ben Ayalon - One Man Tribe, a West African drummer and music researcher, rhythm expert from Senegal and string instruments from the Sahara Desert. Ben played and recorded with the major African artists: Bombino, Awadi, Omar Pene, Doudou N'diaye Rose, Khaira Arby and known for the massive and tribal sound that he developed on a hybrid drum set incorporating modern and African drums. Yossi and Ben join Sharon Mansour - Princess of the Arab Keyboard from the Middle East, and Ella Greenbaum - Dancer and Percussionist from North African.

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Yogev Haruvi is a one-man tribal party. Using a special set of percussion and Didgeridoo [an early wind instrument from Australia] he plays at the same time, creating a massive, rich sound that sounds like a whole tribe and blurring the boundaries between acoustic and electronic. The ancient tools create a broad common denominator that can bring together diverse audiences in the dance floor.

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פיוז'ן מקורי בין מזרח ומערב.
אנטרה מנגנים מוזיקה מקורית המשלבת ג'אז ומסורות מוסיקליות שונות מהמזרח התיכון, טורקיה, פרס, הבלקן, הודו ועוד.
ארבעת הנגנים נפגשו בעקבות תשוקתם המשותפת למוזיקה מודאלית מסורתית מן המזרח.
תוך למידה וחקירה משותפים והתאהבות הולכת וגוברת במסורות מוסיקליות אלו, יצרנו יחד תערובת מיוחדת זו של סולמות, מקאמים, ראגות, מקצבים, אוסולים וטאלות.
מופע סוחף, מרגש ומקפיץ שממלא את החלל בצלילים וצבעים מקצוות שונים של הגלובוס.

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Folk-Sol project that brings the ugly truth in a colorful wrap. Organic music, naked lyrics and young, wild energy. Fusion of different genres and cultures are thrown into one chain full of emotion and courage. After a tour in Berlin they once again come to the Zorba Festival to stir hearts and bodys!
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The undisputed ruler of the electro swing
Who travels between circuses throughout Europe
With music that penetrates the tone
And makes everything better. Even better
.Exciting. Funny. Dark.
It is simply impossible to remain indifferent to this phenomenon
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The 4 Elements Meditation that is already known to all, is based entirely on trance music that is divided and is directed to the four elements of nature (earth, air, water and fire) that are also inside all of us.

It is an energetic and powerful process of unstoppable tribal dance leading to liberation. Just allow yourself to be total in dance, total in being alive, release every resistance and allow your body to move just the way it wants. The process allows for a real encounter with ourselves and others, an encounter with joy and anger, and the desire to live that is always surprising and exciting.

To live means to be in constant motion, and the movement is dance, liberation, getting out of the annoying head and just releasing fully. Just be. Be the dance itself.

[/vc_hoverbox][vc_empty_space][vc_hoverbox image="90783" primary_title="אורות" primary_title_font_container="font_size:50|color:%23ffffff" primary_title_use_theme_fonts="yes" hover_title="אורות" hover_btn_title="אורות" hover_btn_color="black" use_custom_fonts_primary_title="true" hover_add_button="true" hover_btn_link="url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Forotband%2F||target:%20_blank|" primary_title_link="|||"]מסע מוזיקלי אינטראקטיבי של פתיחת לבבות, ריקוד אקסטטי וחגיגה אמיתית, עטוף באהבה פשוטה כנה וללא תנאים.
We invite you to experience the revitalization of live music through the realms of shared consciousness and ancient culture in the powerful space of the Orot poetry circuit.
'Orot' appear in a circle, taking the musical journey from the stage to the dancefloor - into the heart of the gathering.
מאפשרים מרחב שבו כל הנוכחים לוקחים חלק פעיל ביצירה משותפת חדשה של מוסיקה, הרמונייה, איחוד ותפילה.[/vc_hoverbox][vc_empty_space][vc_hoverbox image="90787" primary_title="נתנאל גולדברג – טקס שירה מרפאת" primary_title_font_container="font_size:50|color:%23ffffff" primary_title_use_theme_fonts="yes" hover_title="נתנאל גולדברג – טקס שירה מרפאת" hover_btn_title="נתנאל גולדברג – טקס שירה מרפאת" hover_btn_color="black" use_custom_fonts_primary_title="true" hover_add_button="true" hover_btn_link="url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.netanelgoldberg.com%2F||target:%20_blank|"]

This song is prayer, it's intention, it's the awakening of the will on earth.

A dive trip into the depths of the heart rooms - a place where we open the gates of our hearts, our paths and our souls And music and singing can bring us life. The singing together will slowly open a huge gate for us - the gate to our full self And so we begin the Zorba journey - singing, sensing, feeling, meeting, teasing, celebrating wide open. It is an invitation for healing and empowerment It is an invitation for a sincere and deep connection with our hearts It is an invitation to a new communication with the heart and soul It is an invitation to a full presence - to sing in thanksgiving "I Am"

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This live band combines tribal music with electronic music. Triboga consists of two musicians with a love for the sweeping rhythms of world music and with a strong influence from the styles of psychedelic electronic music.

[/vc_hoverbox][vc_empty_space][vc_hoverbox image="90759" primary_title="מסע מוזיקלי עם עינת & גרהרד" primary_title_font_container="font_size:50|color:%23ffffff" primary_title_use_theme_fonts="yes" hover_title="מסע מוזיקלי עם עינת & גרהרד" align="left" hover_btn_title="מסע מוזיקלי עם עינת & גרהרד" hover_btn_color="black" use_custom_fonts_primary_title="true" hover_add_button="true" hover_btn_link="url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oryom-music.com||target:%20_blank|" el_class="imgalignleft"]

The music medicine in the sounds Einat & Gerhard are a pair of musicians who perform and conduct workshops on the international stage. They are masterful in weaving striking and unusual strings of sounds and overtones. It is an invitation to a musical experience that allows us to relax, recharge and disconnect from the intense pulse and intense rhythm of everyday life. On a magical musical journey, Einat & Gerhard invite you to join them in the foyer of the Universal Music Temple. In the moment of participation and taking part in the harmonious space of listening, breathing and tuning in music A rich space opens that brings us here and now. To a state of presence. From there we can allow ourselves to receive the music and medicine of the music fully.

Sounds Of Grace is a dream time in music that invites you for clarity and renewal of vision, and tuning into the eternal soul song.

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The musician and creator Eli Mamman-Jaliman consists of four musicians combining acoustic-electronic sound and tribal trance ecstatic rhythms to take us on a journey of breath, sound, rhythm, movement and dance. The freedom that is in the journey will walk us out of it through all the masks that surround us, creating a path of light to the soul and it can manifest itself, fill the body and thus come out bright and illuminating.

[/vc_hoverbox][vc_empty_space][vc_hoverbox image="90869" primary_title="לורן" primary_title_font_container="font_size:50|color:%23ffffff" primary_title_use_theme_fonts="yes" hover_title="לורן" align="left" use_custom_fonts_primary_title="true" el_class="imgalignleft"]

לורן הוא אחד מיסודות המוסיקה האלקטרונית בארץ, חלק כביר מהפסטיבל כבר יותר מעשור דרך הסאונד והנדסת קול . יינגן סגנון מיוחד, דיפ מלודי טכנו טראנס, מוסיקה שמאפשרת להעמיק ולהתמקד, בואו לעוף.