With a special ride - the Zorbus!

Especially for you we organize a special shuttle from Tel Aviv and back.

Bus for enthusiasts! - A bus for those of you who want to arrive for a moment before opening the gates!
16/10/19 יום רביעי
08:00 - Departing from Tel Aviv Savidor station Arlozorov center
09:00- Picking up from Castina
10:00 - Pickup from Beer Sheva gas station opposite central station
12:00 - Landing in a parallel universe, Ashram in the desert.


Return Time:
19/10/19 Saturday - Coming home exhausted but satisfied, embarking on space and time travel.
17:00 - Departure Parallel Location, Ashram Desert
19:00 - Beersheba, the first stop
20:00 - Castina, the second station
21:00 - Tel Aviv Central Arlozorov. back to reality

(We trust you to take all the love you have, and spread the magic in every corner of the Babylon, for your responsibility to pass the word on!)

by car

Desert Ashram is located in the settlement "Shitim" on route 40. about 70 kilmeters south of Mizpe Ramon.

By bus

Take bus number 392 from Beer Sheva to Eilat. The stop that you need is called "Shitim" on route 40. The bus stop is very close to the Ashram entrance. Keep in mind to check for bus availability during holiday especially.

On the train

You can take a train to Beer Sheva and from Beer Sheva take bus number 392 to Eilat.


We have a hitchhiker's group, for those offering a ride and those needing one. This is the address. Good luck.

a Tent
a mat
a mattress/sleeping bag
Hygiene stuff

The most important thing-come as you are.

Small gas stove - lighting a fire is strictly prohibited
Drugs - Drugs in the ashram are prohibited, including cannabis
Animals - we know it's hard to leave your dog, but it just doesn't work for us
Meat and fish - Desert Ashram is a vegetarian place, please respect the rules of the place.

There are many possibilities!

First of all there is the kitchen of the ashram. We are happy to cook and serve our guests nutritious and delicious food. Ashram has a kitchen with expert cooks cooking vegetarian and vegan meals. The price of a meal from the kitchen is ₪ 38.

Except from the kitchen there is the food Court! A variety of food and beverage with various types of food such as home made pizza, vegetarian shawarma, salads and vegetarian hamburger.

Next to the food court you will find the bar which sells alcohol and soft drinks, and also the juice bar which sells refreshing fruit shakes.

Next to all of those there's the Zorba's traditional chai shop, where you can buy chai, coffee, tea and home made cakes.

If you're vegan - most meals in the Ashram are vegan, you will definitely have something to eat.

The Ashram is not a Kosher place.

The camping area is for the tents and will be located around the ashram , in the desert, under a shade net.

It is your responsibility to bring a tent, mattress, sleeping bag or anything else that will make your stay here pleasant and comfortable.

We are renting mattresses at a price of 15 ILS a night + a deposit of 50 ILS .

If you want to be super cozy and airy we have air-conditioned guest rooms that can be rented with an adding cost.

During the festival there are parties until the late hours of the night, so keep in mind that there will be noisy nights.

Something about electricity - those who pay for a room are entitled to the electricity in the room. On the other hand, if you sleep in camping, you do not deserve electricity. Sorry, we know that you really want electricity, but it just does not suit us. Please do not connect electricity cable to rooms or electrical cabinets, because then we will take your cables and we do not like to do that.

If you need to charge your phone - there will be a phone charging station that you can use.

Around the ashram there is a large amount of bathrooms and showers with hot water.

Please save water. Still, we are in the heart of the desert.

We create for you 4 days packed with content with 14 complexes including a huge variety of workshops that will be held around the clock throughout the festival with the best facilitators in the country.

You can find information about the workshops on the website and the Zorba newspaper you will receive when you arrive at the festival.

The Zorba Festival will have colorful and charming bassets with lots of beautiful cool products that you won't see anywhere. To view bassets from the previous festival Click here
There will be an ATM in the festival.

A selection of pampering treatments will wait for you in the therapy space.

we Invite you to devote yourself to the touch and give your body a luxurious gift.

The space will be active throughout the festival from 10:00 to 22:00.

Let's keep the ashram and the desert clean!

Please don't leave garbage after you, and don't throw anything on the ground that doesn't belong to the ground.

Cigarette butts go to the bin / ashtray (Mother Earth is not an ashtray).

The Ashram has a cleaning crew that gives garbage bags. Take a garbage bag in the beginning of the festival and keep your garbage in it.

There are special bins for plastic/glass bottles and tin cans. Please help us separate waste.

Most of the food is served with regular dishes, not with plastic dishes. Please wash the dishes after eating at the dishwasher staition. We care about the environment and we want to minimize as much as possible plastic tools.

The Zorba Festival is also suitable for children!

Just for them, we created "The Children's World," a space where special workshops are held for children with a variety of facilitators with experience working with children.

.The price of the ticket for children - up to two years is free.

Ages 3-12 pay half price, and ages 13 and up pay full price.

Ages 21 and below must be with their parents to enter the festival.

The ticket to the festival is for all days of the festival. There is no ticket for some days.

If you purchased a ticket and want to cancel it:

The cancellation policy (which you agreed with the buying of the ticket) means you have 14 days to cancel your ticket and receive a credit. If 14 days have elapsed from the date of your purchase, you can not cancel the ticket. In addition, it is not possible to cancel a ticket purchased a week before the festival.
Canceling a ticket has a toll of 5% of the ticket price.

The festival will start on Wednesday 16/10/19 at 16:00 and end on Saturday 19/10/19 at 16:00.

if you want to come to Ashram before the festival day you can do it the evening before the festival for free.

If you want to come even before, you can do so if you give a hand in the setting up of the festival, that means working six hours a day and receive free food.

If you are so high from your life at the festival and it is hard for you to leave the ashram (a very common phenomenon) we would be happy if you stay with us in theit the WOMP program, The Ashram work and meditation program. it the WOMP program is Not suitable for you, you will have to pay to stay in the ashram.